An individual who compose song is known as composer or songwriter. The function of songwriter are not limited to writing or composing of songs only, organize and play their own songs. Contemporary music industry has placed more emphasis on producing popular hits and this has led to the distribution of the single role of a writer across professionals who specialize on a particular aspect of songwriting. Song composers are the ones that are responsible for the production of musical chef-d’oeuvre that can serve various genres and audiences.

They are also responsible for the production of songs for movies, adverts, video games, operas, etc. They can create songs in all music genres such as gospel, pop, rock, jazz, rap, etc. Before songwriters can be signed to a music publisher, they need to advertise themselves extensively before they are being considered. Some songwriters are their own self – publisher, but most of them prefer to join forces with other music writer or record company. Songwriters usually publicize themselves through the internet by creating and upload the demo of their songs to personal websites as well as music directories. Popular sites like YouTube is being used by these people too. They can also send a copy of their music demo to music companies or publishers for consideration.

A staff writer is a songwriter that has signed an agreement with a music company and he or she is working for them. In such case, the staff writer does not have any right to publish any composed songs within that period of time unless granted by the publisher. The agreement can be on song by song basis or for a period of time.

For a songwriter to write melodious hit songs, he requires high level of understanding of music, music melody, theory, harmony, rhythm and tone. Some songwriters specialize in writing songs for movies, or bands, some specialize in composing jingles foe advertising companies, while many others standalone by themselves. The salary of songwriters varies with how popular their songs are. If their album or music is so popular, they can be paid royalties, they can also be awarded for the success of their songs.


If you want to become a professional in producing hits after hits, then you need to master songwriting. Many professionals produce song by merely singing what is on their mind. You also can become as them. The key there is “write what is on your mind and keep doing it”. Consistency is not only important in songwriting, but in whatever field you want to become a professionals. For instance, in learning a piano, you won’t live up to your potentials if you are not consistency with your practice. Even professionals still practice. The same goes for songwriting. If you are going to be writing two or three lines per day, be consistent!

Below are some guiding principle that you need to keep in mind when composing songs.

  1. Choose Your Area of Interest: you don’t just write songs for every “dick and harry”. You need to be specific about a particular type of song and remain concentrated on it. Most of the professional songwriters are found in the genre they love most. So, if your choice is to write gospel songs, then focus on that so that you can perfect any shortcomings you experience in that genre.
  2. Be Passionate About Music: Songwriting is not supposed to be an act rather an art. Your driving force in writing songs should be passion rather than the money you’ll get from it. If you focus on the money in writing songs, you are not likely to make it in the music industry. But if you do what you love first, what you want will follow, in other words, writing for passion will definitely bring you some cash.
  3. Listen A Lot of Music: You cannot claim you want to become a professional songwriter while most of your time is spent playing football. Even the football genus does not usually waste their time on washing movies, rather, they watch genus like them performing. You need to spend some time listening to music written by the professionals so as to discover the trick of becoming a professional songwriter as well as perfect your songwriting skills.
  4. Be Determined and Disciplined: Developing your songwriting skill become much easier if you are determined and disciplined. Set a goal for yourself to write songs on a regular basis. Not only that, practice these songs time after time.
  5. Personal Experience: Songs can also be written from what you’ve experienced in time past. In fact, songs like this usually touch the heart of people and are always appreciated by listeners. So feel free to express your feelings when writing your songs. However, care must be exercise when writing your songs. You should focus on the songs that would be accepted by most people around the world.


Unless you are ready to give in diligence and hardworking coupled with patience, becoming a successful writer won’t be easy at all. You can learn song writing through reading of books and a lot of practice on a regular basis. The more you write down songs, the more skillful you become.

The first step to take in writing songs is to determine your audience. This can be adults, children or youths. Once you are able to determine your audience, the next step is to do research about the latest songs. You should not start writing your music masterpiece immediately, you might find it difficult. Studying the popular songs to know what the audience wants can be productive and helpful in writing your own songs.

The next step after studying what your audience want is to create story with your music. This is what the professionals actually do. They tell story with their music and are usually connected with the words of their music. This aspect is very important in any song. You should be able to sing from your heart rather than from your head. The simplest way to do this is to remember your past experiences and sing with them. Preferably, put them one paper first before changing them to lyrics.

To actually become a successful songwriter requires patience and practicing. More importantly, develop passion for music in case you haven’t. Buy books and other learn materials to sharpen your skills and you will soon become a professional in songwriting.